Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

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Low Torque

Italy Technology

Looking for ball valve with low torque value and stable sealing performance?

You have come to the right place!
Low torque=long lifetime
Low torque=low cost (smaller actuator to save cost)
1.  Introduce Italy design concept, offer competitive price aim for long-term cooperation.
2.  Test torque value under full pressure
3.  Test sealing performance again after open/close valves under full pressure.
4.  Choose most suitable safety coefficient for ball valves according to largest output torque value of actuator.
5.  Choose most suitable safety coefficient for stem.
Every ball valve from SINO BALL VALVE undergoes several times sealing test (avg.3 times above) and long sealing test duration, Strict test assure stability and reliability of every ball valve.


SNBV is a DBB valve manufacturer